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Our Scents

Rural Squirrel Candle Scents are all natural. We use only pure plant-based essential oils, no synthetics. Essential oils by nature do not throw a strong a scent as synthetic fragrance oils.  They are more subtle and smoothing as opposed to the  harsh and overwhelming scents characteristic  of synthetic oils. 

We are advocates for the benefits of aromatherapy derived from essential oils. Fragrance oils do contain any aromatic compounds.


Rural Squirrel essential oils are sourced from the most reputable suppliers who rely on steam distillation rather than solvent extraction.  Steam distillation yields the purest, highest quality essential oils.

Rural Squirrel Candle Scents have some tie to our lives here on the farm.  We grow lavender and rosemary in our garden.  We make mint tea from our patch of mint growing beside our springhouse. Our goal is to have no more than a dozen scents at any one time. In this way we maintain quality of a small-batch, home-based operation and stick to our aesthetic of candles that reflect rural living.

We hope you enjoy the stories that follow for each of our scents. We truly enjoy creating them for you and your family.  

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