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Travel Tin 8OZ - Virginia Cedarwood

Travel Tin 8OZ - Virginia Cedarwood


Hand poured 100% Soy Wax in an 8 OZ Travel Tin. Take your own special space to wherever you may travel.  Our Soy Wax candle base combined with 100% pure plant based essential oils provides a clean, even burn and fills your space with a fragrance that welcomes you home, wherever you are.


Virginia Cedarwood. Known as the "Tree of Life" and the "Medicine Tree" by east coast Native American Tribes Viriginia.  The wood was believed by some tribes to have been blood-stained by a powerful magician and it became sacred to them. It was burned in rituals, purification ceremonies and sweat lodges to drive away negative spirits and bring prophetic visions. Virginia Cedarwood is the only Cedar tree used for  aromatherapy


    Candles, like food, are a consumable product. Once it is consumed it cannot be returned. So if you burn it, you can't return it. Please examine your candles before lighting. If the candle arrives damaged, please let us know by emailing a pic to so we can replace it and we can make a claim to USPS. If you are unhappy with one of our candles, send us an email so we can try to make you happy. Your satisfaction is important to us. Please give us a chance to earn your trust.


    Rural Squirrel shipping costs are calculated based on the weight of your total order. Orders totaling more than $75 ship Free. Our current policy is to ship only to U.S. addresses.

    Our candles are made to order to ensure the fragrance you choose is fresh and clean. Please allow for up to 5 days before we ship your candles. We ship USPS either standard ground or Priority based on our best value judgement given weight, cost and speed to deliver.

    We greatly appreciate your order and will do our best to make sure your Rural Squirrel Candle is delivered safely to your home.

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